water splashing over stones

Benefits of Water Features in Your Landscape Design in Lawrence, KS

Water features are a great option for those in the Lawrence, KS and surrounding areas because they add focal points to your landscape. Gardens and patios are great landscape features, but they do not add the same benefits to the homeowner as a water feature can!

Lawrence Landscape has been doing water feature installation in Tonganoxie, KS and the surrounding areas since 1987. In the over 30 years that we have been in business, we have designed landscapes for both residential and commercial properties to fit the unique needs of each person and bring them the most joy and ease of maintenance.

Types of Water Features

Water features come in all different sizes and shapes. When you are trying to figure out what kind of focal point you want to install in your landscape design, you need to know how much space you have to work with and how quickly you would like it to be installed. Some water features can be done in a day and some might take a few days to complete. Adding a birdbath and adding a pond require different amounts of time and space!


bird bath installation

This water feature design is great for small or large spaces, since you can get almost any size birdbath. A birdbath can draw your eye to a sign for your business or your favorite part of the yard. The birdbath invites all kinds of wildlife, which are fun to watch from the window or charming to see when you’re outside.


Tree & Shrub Farm in Lawrence, KS

Ponds are a great landscape feature to add to any landscape. They require more space than the other water feature designs, but they add a calming and inviting atmosphere to your landscape.


waterfall installation lawrence ks

This water feature installation in your Tonganoxie landscape would be the talk of the town. Waterfalls are easy to maintain and add some beautiful nature sounds to any residential or commercial space.


fountain design lawrence ks

Fountains are some of the favorite water feature designs in Baldwin City, KS and the surrounding areas. Fountains can be any size, but they help aerate water, require little maintenance, and are quick to install.

The Benefits of Water Feature Designs

Water feature designs are meant to be attractive additions to your landscape, but did you know they provide more benefits than just looking nice? Adding a water feature can improve your mental health and improve the environment, and most are low maintenance landscape designs!

  • Low Maintenance – Almost all water features require little to no maintenance, which means you can install them and not have to schedule maintenance checks to keep them in the best shape.
  • Variable Size – All water features can be designed to fit in specific spaces; you don’t have to have a ton of land to be able to enjoy a waterfall.
  • Visual Appeal – Water features are pleasant to look at, whether it’s running water or water that attracts water life to it.
  • Cleans the Air – If you live in a place with lots of traffic, you could really benefit from a water feature with running water. The water particles trap dust and pollution and purify the air that’s around it. Enjoy the fresh air!
  • Sound Therapy – Water features regularly create ambient noises, which can create a relaxing atmosphere, a place to focus, and a place to drown out other sounds.
  • Psychological Benefits – The look and sounds of water have been proven to induce feelings of happiness, lead to better sleep, and inspire creativity. Simply having water in your landscape can create a better mental space for you to enjoy at any time!

Ready for a Water Feature Installation?

Water features are a great investment for any landscape design! They promote mental health well-being and can add focal points to your commercial or residential property. If you would like to take a look at some of the water features Lawrence Landscape has installed in Lawrence, Baldwin City, Tonganoxie, and the surrounding areas, check out our gallery. Adding a backyard water feature can be the centerpiece to your whole landscape design!

Contact Lawrence Landscape today to schedule your water feature installation in Tonganoxie, KS and surrounding areas!