Retaining Wall Design & Installation

Let our experienced design staff evaluate your site to come up with the best solution for your retaining wall needs. We will come up with the best design using the appropriate material for your particular site while keeping our attention to the aesthetics of the project as well.

A retaining wall can add functionality, reduce erosion, and increase the aesthetic value of a property. Let our experienced design and installation teams design and build you the retaining walls your property needs.  Our process evaluates the client’s needs, what the site requires, and then creates a design to join these together into a structure to complement the rest of the landscape.  Our talented crews then set forth to build not only a beautiful wall but one that is built correctly to last for many decades to come.

Principles of Design

Our materials

We apply the same principles of design to our retaining walls as we do with our other landscaping services, ensuring they enhance the overall landscape and complement your home. Retaining walls may be constructed from a variety of materials, including:

We’ll work with you to choose the right material for your retaining wall installation that will not only look good, but also stand the test of time.

Add Value to Your Landscape

The benefits of a retaining wall

Erosion Control

Erosion occurs when wind or rain blows or washes away the soil from your yard. It is of particular concern on sloping land where there may not be any trees or shrubs to help anchor the soil in place. A retaining wall solves this issue by holding the soil in place, reducing the grade, and controlling runoff.


Sloped areas can be challenging to landscape and maintain, and accessibility may be difficult. The construction of retaining walls can help by creating functional, usable levels or terraces which can then be used for planting, patios, hardscaping, and more.


Professional landscape design increases the value and aesthetics of your home—and the addition of a retaining wall can help to enhance curb appeal further by creating definition and increasing the availability of land for plants and flowers.

Structural Support

A retaining wall is a safety feature which helps to contain soil and prevent it from sliding downhill. Depending on the configuration and grading of your property, a retaining wall can help prevent damage to your home and evade erosion, sinkholes, or flooding.

Our Work

Custom retaining wall design by Lawrence Landscape

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Versa-Lok retaining wall
Natural stone wall and steps
Stone retaining wall

Our Commitment

Customer satisfaction is our priority

For over 30 years, Lawrence Landscape has been beautifying residential and commercial lawns in Lawrence, KS and the surrounding areas. Count on our full-service landscaping business for design, installation, and maintenance services.

“We are truly pleased with the project. The work was accomplished in a very professional manner with excellent communications and courtesy. We couldn’t be happier with the results. The end product exceeded our expectations.”

Ralph Edwards
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