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Make sure your landscaping looks as great as when it was first installed with our regular maintenance services.

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Residence and Commercial Maintenance Services in Lawrence, KS

Having a beautiful landscape can add beauty and enjoyment to your property, but with that comes the hassle of maintaining it.  Even a well-designed landscape has some maintenance to do, especially maintaining the lawn.  Let the professionals at Lawrence Landscape maintain your property for you so you can enjoy the beauty and the time you spend in your lawn.  We offer mowing services, pruning, lawn fertilization and insect control, and many other services to keep your property beautiful. Call Lawrence Landscape for lawn care and maintenance services to take away the hassle.

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Customize Your Maintenance Plan

With nearly four decades of experience, we know what it takes to maintain a lawn. We can design a maintenance plan that is totally custom to your lawn, ensuring it looks just as beautiful as it did the day it was planted.

We offer the following services:

Your Questions Answered

FAQs About Our Lawn Care Services

Whether you live in a single-family home, are part of a homeowners association, or have commercial property, we are committed to providing you with high-quality and comprehensive lawn maintenance. We offer a full range of pruning, trimming, and edging services, as well as seasonal cleanup. We will discuss your unique lawn maintenance needs with you and come up with a plan to keep your landscape design looking as beautiful as the day it was first planted!

While we are obviously a bit biased, we would say that Lawrence Landscape offers more comprehensive services at rates that are both competitive and affordable for our customers in the Lawrence, Kansas, area. Our highly skilled team can take your landscaping ideas and make them a reality, maintaining them with care and precision so that you never need to worry about an overgrown or unsightly landscape.

Customers choose to invest in our premier landscaping services for a variety of reasons. Some find themselves too busy to dedicate the necessary time to their landscaping and lawn maintenance, others trust our expert eye for landscaping design, and some are unable to tend to their lawn’s needs due to physical limitations. Lawn services ultimately take the hassle out of yardwork and allow you time to focus on more important things, like spending time with family or brushing up on an old hobby. If you’re interested in learning more about our unique landscaping options that are catered to your specific needs and budget, contact our friendly team today!

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