Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

Enhance safety and add beauty to your landscape by installing low voltage lighting.

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Light up your Landscape

Outdoor lighting is a great way to add safety, security, and landscape design when the sun goes down. The outdoor lighting design and installation experts at Lawrence Landscape have been providing top-quality services to residential and commercial customers in and around the Lawrence area since 1987. We can help transform the look and feel of your landscape with outdoor lighting solutions to suit every size and type of property from commercial buildings to the finest homes.

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Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Professional installation of your outdoor lights enhances your home and offers numerous benefits, including the following:

Outdoor lighting is ideal for year-round safety and comfort, perfect for a winter night when the sun sinks below the horizon early, or to create a cozy summer evening around the backyard pool.   A well designed and installed low voltage lighting system transforms your home with eliminated beauty and enhanced security.

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Your Questions Answered

FAQs About Outdoor Lighting

Absolutely. Numerous options connect to Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and others. These can be programmed, voice-operated, and easily integrated into your home security system.

For most customers, the increase in utility bills is barely noticeable. We work closely with our clients to choose systems that offer both the desired comfort and desired energy efficiency.

As with any outdoor or indoor system, regular maintenance is required. This includes removing debris, checking wiring/bulbs, and repairing/replacing damaged fixtures.

Absolutely. LEDs are both energy-efficient and durable. They provide cost-effective, reliable outdoor lighting throughout the seasons.

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For over 30 years, Lawrence Landscape has been beautifying residential and commercial lawns in Lawrence, KS and the surrounding areas. Count on our full-service landscaping business for design, installation, and maintenance services.

“Dan and Matt were awesome! The entire team they work with did an incredible job and were conscientious and very dependable & so nice. They completed my project on schedule and I highly recommend them and their team/Lawrence Landscape! Thank you!!”

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