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How to Keep Weeds Out of Your Lawn for Good

Weeds, by nature, are invasive and spread quickly as they compete with your existing lawn for nutrients. Because these invasive weeds are damaging to the overall health of your lawn, we highly recommend that you take a proactive approach to weed control.

The right combination of hydration, mowing, and preventative treatments will not only keep pesky weeds at bay but eventually prevent them from growing at all.

Establishing the right routine can be tricky and time-consuming, and it often gets abandoned as homeowners become busy with other life responsibilities. Allowing a lawn care professional to maintain your lawn will ensure you have a lush green yard free of invasive weeds.

Proper Watering with Irrigation

Like any plant, the first and most important element in maintaining the health of your lawn is hydration. Watering your lawn may sound simple, but it can cause more harm than good if performed improperly.

Hand-watering or using an aboveground sprinkler can be inefficient, ineffective, and time-consuming. Too much water can cause fungus or other issues, while not enough water leaves your lawn thin, dull, and vulnerable to weed growth.

A professionally installed irrigation system allows you to customize the frequency and duration of watering throughout your yard while automatically detecting rainfall to prevent waste. An irrigation system ensures just the right amount of water is delivered where and when you need it. Without a properly hydrated lawn, other weed-prevention methods will be ineffective.

The friendly team at Lawrence Landscape can thoroughly evaluate your lawn, identifying the different hydro zones to design a unique system and layout to keep your lawn perfectly hydrated. Additional irrigation design options include solar sync control systems or rain sensors for increased efficiency and reduced waste.

Professionally installed irrigation is far more efficient and effective for the long-term health of your lawn and the integrity of your home investment. It is also your best bet at keeping pervasive weeds at bay.

Maintaining the Right Lawn Height

It may seem tempting to cut your lawn as short as possible, but it’s an open invitation for invasive weeds to take over. Very short grass creates more space and sun exposure for weeds to prosper. Sure, mowing the lawn is a nagging chore, and you certainly don’t want an unsightly, overgrown yard, but maintaining proper lawn height is critical to preventing weed growth.

Lawrence Landscape offers expert lawn mowing services to remove perpetual grass cutting from your to-do list. We can ensure your grass is cut routinely while maintaining the optimal height and conditions for weed prevention.

Preventative Treatments & Fertilizer

Preemergent treatments can be applied to your lawn early in the season before weeds begin to grow. Post-emergent treatments can be used after they appear to prevent and control weed growth while simultaneously applying fertilizers that nourish and promote grass growth.

Treatments and fertilizers are the most advanced step of a weed prevention plan and should be handled by lawn care professionals to ensure the best results. DIY attempts can be very costly financial and time investments, and the frustration of poor results is the highest cost of all for dedicated homeowners.

Weed Prevention & Lawn Health Services from Lawrence Landscape

Professional irrigation is the foundation for a healthy, gorgeous lawn year after year. Along with proper hydration, all other maintenance efforts contribute to successful results and a lawn you can be proud of.

From there, the perfect combination of mowing, maintenance, and treatments will keep weeds out of your lawn for good.

Contact Lawrence Landscape or give us a call at (785) 843-4370 if you’re experiencing invasive weeds or other issues, such as lawn discoloration or thinning grass. We’d love to help!